5 Signs that Warn You of an Injury

Many times in our lives we experience a pain and either ignore it or decide not to do anything about. What we do not know is that some pains are serious and lead to different injuries. As you get older, injuries become more common and you should never ignore signs that warn you of an injury. Additionally, seeking professional help such as visiting centers of physiotherapy in Birmingham is a clever idea whenever you see one of the signs mentioned below.

Decrease in ability of Movement

Whenever swelling is not obvious and you feel like something is wrong, try to compare both sides of the body part. If it is an injury that needs to be taken care of, then you will notice a decreased ability in the movement of that particular body part compared to the other side.


Swelling is very common in serious injuries. Never ignore swelling especially when it is accompanied by heat, redness and pain.


When we talk about weakness, we do not mean general body weakness. Try to see if your “hit” body part is feeling weak. A good way to test that is lifting an object with both sides of the body part or supporting your own weight while standing on each foot separately.

Pain in Joints

Joint pains are never to be dismissed, since they are usually not covered with muscle. Long lasting pain in joints need professional assistance as soon as possible.


Whenever you press down a muscle or bone and feel pain and know that it is not just a simple bruise, then make sure to take care of it, since it may lead to a serious injury.

With that said, in order to ensure a healthy treatment to your case, visit physiotherapy in Birmingham centers.